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This website is all about Ken's diving journey and photos of beautiful marine life that I try to capture everytime I am underwater. I like taking photos underwater and one day it would be great if one of my photos appears in a magazine or even better if I can win some prizes.

I became interested in taking photos when I got back from a trip to Koh Tao,Thailand in 2004. After that I took a PADI underwater photography speciality course. I learnt so much from the course, about my camera and how to take good photos. I also have a great opportunity living in Sydney which has good shore dives and boat dives and I dive nearly every week.

Whenever I have the opportunity for a short break or long holiday, I like to go diving around Australia or overseas to find great dive sites to experience and capture photos to share with you.

I really cannot dive without my underwater camera now. It is great to have it around me on every dive, then I can show you how good the underwater world is.

If you need more information about my diving journey or would like to download any photos that appear on my website please Contact Ken. 
Awards & Selected
"Cuttle Fish Eye"
My winning photo in my first
competition at Prodive Nelson Bay
Club Photo Competition
Nudibranch Photo
of The Week
Nudibranch Photo
of The Week
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